Collaborators and Funders

Octopus is design and run by the MRC CTU at UCL.

Octopus is funded by the MS Society with supportive funding from MRC CTU at UCL.

The trial team works in collaboration with other projects and organisations to deliver new research into treating MS. 

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Image of MS Society logo in orange and white

MS Society website

MS Society is the UK’s largest charity dedicated to stopping MS.

Image showing the MS Register logo in grey

MS Register website

The MS Register is a ground-breaking research study designed to increase understanding of living with MS in the UK. Anyone UK based, over 18, with MS can join online by completing a series of simple questionnaires and returning regularly to update their experiences. The website can also be used to keep track of your MS over time.

Logo of the Welsh Neuroscience Research Tissue Bank

WNRTB website

The Welsh Neuroscience Research Tissue Bank (WNRTB) serves as a repository of samples donated by patients and volunteers in England and Wales. The aim is to help research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease.

Octopus is funded by the MS Society