MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL

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The MRC Clinical Trials Unit (MRC CTU) at UCL is at the forefront of resolving internationally important questions in infectious diseases and cancer, and delivering swifter and more effective translation of scientific research into patient benefits.

We design and conduct clinical trials, and we bring together the results of a number of trials which look at the same illness or condition (this is called a systematic review or meta-analysis). We also undertake observational studies to evaluate the impact of new interventions in routine care

Our research helps to improve healthcare in the UK and around the world.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit at UCL employs around 200 staff and is currently co-ordinating around 60 trials and meta-analyses.

The MRC Clinical Trials Unit is a UKCRC registered trials unit and is part of the Institute of Clinical Trials and Methodology in the UCL School of Life and Medical Sciences.


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