Publications and Media

Dr Charles Wade (Octopus trial physician) facing away from the viewer typing at a computer in a medical office
Octopus trial physician Dr Charles Wade
Public talks and media

These are freely available

Octopus mini-series, Trial Talk podcast, 19th of October- 9th of November 2023 via Soundcloud

MS Register webinar on progressive MS in clinical trials. 1st of August 2023 via Youtube

'Major moment in MS research' as new Octopus trial starts on BBC News, 4th of April 2023

UK to test existing drugs as treatment for MS in world-first trial The Guardian, 22nd of March 2021


Scientific Publications

These are all freely available


Li. V, Baptiste L et al . Designing Multi-arm Multistage Adaptive Trials for Neuroprotection in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Neurology,


Finlayson M, Feys P, Dalgas U, Kos D. Intermediate outcomes for clinical trials of multiple sclerosis rehabilitation interventions: Conceptual and practical considerations. Multiple Sclerosis Journal. 2023;29(9):1186-1194. doi:10.1177/13524585231189674

Gray E, Amjad A, Robertson J, et al. Enhancing involvement of people with multiple sclerosis in clinical trial design. Multiple Sclerosis Journal. 2023;29(9):1162-1173. doi:10.1177/13524585231189678 

Marrie RA, Chataway J, Bierer BE, et al. Enhancing diversity of clinical trial populations in multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis Journal. 2023;29(9):1174-1185. doi:10.1177/13524585231189677

Marrie RA, Sormani MP, Apap Mangion S, et al. Improving the efficiency of clinical trials in multiple sclerosis. Multiple Sclerosis Journal. 2023;29(9):1136-1148. doi:10.1177/13524585231189671

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